It's a shame not to share a hearty meal. On that note, dad and I embarked on a journey to whip up great ribs that are tender, tasty and fall-off-the bone that won't break the bank. And so on a bedrock of good food, fun atmosphere and honest to goodness service, WE BUILT RBCTY.


A. G. 


"When asked what separates RB CTY from other steak/rib joints, Aya immediately gave us the three words every foodie in the planet probably wants to hear: “value for money”. In a world where “quality” is deemed synonymous with “expensive”, food places and makers all over the world have sought to attain the status of being known as offering good food at an affordable price in an attempt to attract the best of both socio-economic worlds. LikePresidential candidates, though, very few live up to the hype and expectations they put on themselves. Thankfully, RB CTY lives up to its own."


May Castillo, Blogger - Merry Mommy May

Food. Absolutely, the food in RB CTY are one of the best.  Their ribs are fall-off-the bone tender and flavorful.  The chicken is crispy outside yet still soft and juicy inside. It blends perfectly with its pair barbecue sauce.

Ambience. Perfect for family and group dining.  I love that the place’s feel is high-end yet homey at the same time. Also recommended for eat-dates. Just note that the place is not very big so it can get a little noisy (but not loud and rowdy) when all tables get occupied.


Value for Money. Outstanding. Price range per person is a pocket-friendly Php150.00-Php300.00. The taste of food is much greater than the amount you pay. In short, sulit!



The Suburban RBCTY Ribs comes with a cup of CTY Rice and a side of your choice. I started salivating when the ribs finally reached our table. Excessively drizzled with barbecue sauce as the smell of smoke filled up my nostrils, I couldn’t wait for it to reach my mouth. The Suburban RBCTY Ribs is succulent, tender, juicy, and smokey... The savoriness definitely sinks into your taste buds in every bite, elevating your happiness to a whole new level. 

Ken Filomeno, Blogger - This Is Why I'm Jubis
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